Greeting Everyone ! Hope Everything Is Going Well Today in this Blog we will Explore A hidden Way to find Critical Information . Here We Will utilize Search engine Through Google dork . How Google dork Help You to find Secret Organization’s data . I encountered Different Critical Bug p1 to p4 Using Google dork , Here about My Story ……

Most Of You know about google dork Which call as Google hacking which is basically a search string that uses advanced search query to find information that are not easily available on the websites which hidden . …

Greeting Everyone ! Hope Everything Is going good ! This Story Is about to How I able to Stop all Users of to get their Subscribed Job Notification . in my hunting Period I encountered Interesting Bug Which allow me to Stop All 10000+ users to Get their Job Notification Update .

As I was testing on and I am able to Encountered Same issue on their subdomain too.

The Story about My recent Finding Now begin !

As I was testing on and this has functionality that we can Update Job basically site Is a Job…

Greeting Everyone ! Hope Everything Is Going Good ! Today we Are Going to see How Easily You Can Perform Recon Against Your Targeted Domain We Are Going to Look Subdomains, Services , Server Info, Os Details, All Valid Url’s, All Wayback url, Google Hacking That we Are Going To cover In My firs Writeup On Recon Techniques this Guide For Who actually Started their Bugbounty Hunting .

This is my first writ-up on recon which we can utilize through some automation tool if your new in Bugbounty or web hacking field this blog may give you how you can…

Greeting Everyone ! I am pallab Twitter (@PJBorah2) Today I going to share my first Accepted p2 Bug I found on Bugcrowd Private program How I found Host header Poisoning token leak that allow me to bypass confirmation schema of targeted domain .

As Im Hunting On target site First thing I Done My Recon Process so I try to gather all the subdomain So here I used subfinder + httpx and I collect all subdomain with their status code , As basically after using both combine tool I Look for Only 200 & 302 Response .

Command I used:

subfinder -d…

Story About OTP Bypass To Stored XSS

Hello Hunters!

Greetings everyone! I am PJBorah From India @cyber_xyz218

Today This is my second write-up about one of my best findings OTP Bypass To Stored XSS . It’s an tricky exploitation How i Anonymously Account creation to user account takeover .

Its about Private program Responsive Disclosure Some of Responsive Disclosure Google Dork after decide I simply start Recon As My target Is i cant disclose Name

Now, I simply try to create a account on Here And i fill up Registration form and after registration it ask for OTP Verification.

Now, I got OTP On my…

Hello Hunters !

Greetings everyone! Today This is my first write-up about one of my best findings My first Bug Duplicate to p4 . It’s an XSS Which actually Tricky XSS.

Image 1(Duplicate Response)

Its all about private program which i can’t disclose name. As i am new learner before 2 month ago when i was testing on Site i found XSSwhich can easily steal users cookie, Don’t worry i will explain everything.

I already sent 7 report security issue on we will discuss about it in my next writeup! ]

How To Reproduce Attack:

  1. I visit Now, i create a new account…


I am pallab jyotti borah From Assam ! I am Professionally VAPT Analyst as Part time Bugbounty hunter

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